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Chargeback AutoResponder

Is your staff spending countless hours on responding to draft retrieval and chargeback notification requests? If you or your team spend more than 10 hours a week, then Solupay's Chargeback AutoResponder is the answer. 

We recognized that responding to the the same types of chargebacks with the same documentation over and over again is not the most efficient use of time for any organization. Solupay's AutoRespond chargeback tool eleminates the repetitive documentation required for chargeback management.  Most of our clients agree that redeploying these precious resources into other areas almost always generate a better return on investment.... 

How does Chargeback AutoResponder work?

Step 1.) Matching Process
All outstanding retrievals and chargebacks are matched to ALL transaction data belonging to those transactions on your systems. This data includes but is not limited to address verification, CVV, ship date, delivery date, and invoice number to name a few.

Step 2.) Merge Data
All data obtained from your systems are merged into a chargeback template based on reason code. Solupay will work with you on drafting a template that provides your organization with the highest likliehood of winning that chargeback.

Step 3.) Send the Chargeback Response File
The chargeback response file is then sent to the processor via fax, email, FTP or any other format acceptabe to the processor.

Chargeback AutoResponder also has a complete reporting package that is customizable to your unique business needs. The Chargeback AutoResponder's statistics and win percentage reports based on reason code or method of acceptance (Phone, Internet,  or Face-To-Face) enable you to detemine which fraud prevention tools you have in place today are workign and which ones might benefit you in the future.


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