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Whether you are a retailer, hotel or online merchant, reducing chargebacks is an important component in significantly reducing the overall cost of accepting Visa, Mastercard, Discover and American Express cards. Many merchants have falsely come to accept chargebacks as a cost of doing business.

Rather than sitting back and taking a reactive approach to chargebacks, Solupay is actively pursuing and implementing industry leading chargeback tools. Our approach is simple. Prevent fraudulent chargebacks using proprietary fraud scoring tool: Click-To-Score. This solution is free to all existing clients of Solupay and is useful in helping you determine whether you want to do business with that particular customer.

In the event you do receive a chargeback, we have developed two solutions that both have the common goals of winning more chargeback battles and reducing the amount of time researching/ responding to chargebacks.

The first of which is the Chargeback Advisor. This solution guides you through the chargeback processor driven by reason code, method of acceptance (swiped or keyed), as well as other mitigating factors. This provides you a blueprint as to what you need to do to provide your organization with the highest likliehood of winning that chargeback battle.

The second is our Chargeback AutoResponder. This product enables high volume chargeback clients to automatically provide responses to chargebacks with little or no manual interventation. Thus saving your staff hundreds of hours a year...

In addition, we are currently the only known provider that has automated the chargeback response process.

Free Instant Fraud Screening – Our revolutionary systems allows for instant scoring of all credit card transactions. Generate a real-time chargeback probability score for each transaction based on multiple variables including IP address geolocation, address verification (AVS), BIN validation, email analysis, proxy detection and proprietary pooling information collected by Solupay and its partners.

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The first 6 digits of credit card that identifies the issuing bank.

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