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One Time ID Tender


Merchants go to great lengths to make a customer feel special. Thus asking a loyal customer for their identification each time he/she visits the store can send a bad message. Our ability to support one-time ID tender overcomes this and helps strengthen relationships with your customers.

Upon conversion to our system, we can open our rule sets so every customer writing checks is accepted (unless they have negative data in the system).  For a short period (typically 30 days) we will gather history on these customers.  Then at the end of the 30 days, we will implement a change to ask an ID on any customer that we have not seen in the past 30 days. So the only customers that will get an ID prompt are those that have not written a check in the past month.

The second way to handle this is to prompt for the ID on any check in which we do not have an ID attached in the national database. So some customers may already be in the database, but others will not. So we prompt for the ID only once. Once we key in the ID and cross-reference the ID to any other outstanding checks on that ID, they will be approved.  The next time his/her check is processed, we will not prompt again, as we have the ID on file. 

Normally we will re-prompt for an ID a year after the ID was originally presented in order to refresh the data.


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