PCI Compliance

We take data security to the highest level.

Chargeback Advisor

Step by step guidance designed to increase your odds of winning chargebacks.


Our Speed of Service makes the difference. Keep your business firing on all cylinders by making the right move. At Solupay we understand the unique payment processing needs of the automotive industry and we offer a proven processing solution in a SIMPLIFIED way. Speed, security and reliability are always standard features. Our flexible, scalable solutions are meant to grow with your business. Whether it is processing payments via your website, call center or at the race track, SEMA or any other remote event - utilizing a wireless terminal, we have the solutions to ensure you succeed.

Simplify each transaction and earn business
When you make it easy for customers to pay, they are more likely to increase the size of their purchase and chose your business time and time again. When you use Solupay you can accept any form of payment that your customers choose. Solupay will process the funds quickly, securely and conveniently, while reducing the overall cost of the transaction.


Customized Solutions

Mail-Order Virtual Terminal Applications

  • Profile Manager

  • Recurring Billing

Internet Processing

  • Thousand of Shopping Carts Certified

  • Easy Integration

  • Dozens of Gateways supported including Authorize.net and PayPal

Wireless Solutions

  • Wireless Terminals

  • Blackberry Application with Bluetooth Printer

  • IPhone Applications

We are the preferred provider
Solupay has formed strategic partnerships throughout the automotive industry, including valued partnerships with the industry’s premier integrated application suppliers.

Disruption Free Conversion
Change is EASY and Painless with Solupay. Why? We plan ahead, test and do not leave until everything works flawlessly. In fact, we will provide you with a 3-month trial period enabling to test drive our solution.

Next Day Funding
Expedite cash flow on all Visa, MasterCard, Discover and American Express. Money can be funded in as little as the next business day.

Dedicated Relationship Manager
When you work with Solupay, you get a dedicated relationship manager for your account.  Your relationship manager will remain a constant and direct contact for you at Solupay, a person highly invested in the success of your business. Committed to your account, industry experts provide on-going account analysis to identify potential opportunities to optimize your payments program – including recommending operational efficiencies. Identify cost-saving opportunities or services that can open new markets. We also closely monitor your transaction activity to identify potentially fraudulent bankcard usage and suspicious activity…protecting both your business and your customers.

Integrate without the Hassle
We support over 3000 POS systems.  We have performed thousands of installs with no interruptions to our automotive clients.         

Simple Fraud Tools
Address Verification and Cardholder Verification (CVV)

Advanced Fraud Tools
Stop accepting fraudulent orders now with the help of the following tools offered by Solupay: Verified By Visa/ MasterCard Secure Code, Maxmind, Fraud Scoring, Velocity Tests, Anonymizing Proxies and our proprietary Click-To-Score Fraud Tool.

Chargeback Reduction Center   
Should you accept this order? Is it real? Can I trust this anonymous person? Will this result in another loss? Our free fraud tools provide you more information than ever to determine whether to accept this credit card?   

Discount rates are only part of the total cost of processing equation. Chargebacks can greatly impact card acceptance costs. It is time to stop losing money to theives.    

Reporting Sent Anywhere You Request
Forget user IDs and passwords. We can email virtually any report you like, in any format you request to you and your accountants. Find out more about both our Online Reporting and eMail Reports.

Easy Reconciliation
One deposit is now available for all Visa, MasterCard, Discover and American Express deposits. To keep things simple, we take our fees out once a month NOT daily.

Interchange Management
Qualifying transactions on a transaction-by-transaction basis are critical to merchants that want to reduce the total cost of acceptance. That is why we never utilize tiered pricing models - otherwise known as the “Bucket System.” While you cannot control the types of cards you accept - Rewards, World, Corporate, Business, and Purchasing cards to name a few. We go to great lengths to ensure you are passing the appropriate data as required by Visa, MasterCard, Discover and American Express to ensure you do not fall to lower levels unnecessarily. 


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