PCI Compliance

We take data security to the highest level.

Chargeback Advisor

Step by step guidance designed to increase your odds of winning chargebacks.


Government purchasing card payments continue to grow at a very fast pace due to their ability to track and control spending as well as replacing inefficient and expensive paper based processes. In fact, commercial credit cards like GSA (Government Purchasing Cards), Business, Corporate and Purchasing card volume are expected to reach close to $200 billion in 2010. Unlike consumer-based credit cards, GSA cards have the ability to collect and report both level II and III purchasing card data replacing tedious paper based systems.

Interchange Management
Qualifying transactions on a transaction-by-transaction basis are critical to merchants that want to reduce the total cost of acceptance. Government entities have special interchange rates.  While you cannot control the types of cards you accept - Rewards, World, Corporate, Business, and Purchasing cards to name a few. We go to great lengths to ensure you are passing the appropriate data as required by Visa, MasterCard, Discover and American Express to ensure you do not fall to lower levels unnecessarily. Solupay will work with you to register for these special programs and make sure you are qualifying at the best possible interchange rate for Government and large ticket transactions.

Protect yourself from risk

With credit card rules and regulations in favor of the cardholder, it is critical that you are protected from the risk of fraudulent sales. Solupay will help put in place proper acceptance procedures, plus offer you the added protection of our online chargeback tool. We will help you to mitigate the risk present when accepting credit card transactions even when the card is not physically present at the point of sale.


Superior Service
It is what you owe to your customers and it is what we give to you.

Dedicated Relationship Manager
While PUBLICLY traded banks and processors are reducing staff, Solupay has been adding relationship managers to ensure that every one of our clients has a dedicated individual to handle their UNIQUE processing needs. Your relationship manager will remain a constant and direct contact for you at Solupay, a person highly invested in the success of your business.

Integrate Without Hassle
we integrate seamlessly with over 4000 POS systems and have performed thousands of complex installs without any downtime. 

Reporting Sent Anywhere You Request
Forget user IDs and passwords. We can email virtually any report you like, in any format you request to you and your accounting team. Find out more about both our Online Reporting and eMail Reports.

Fraud Alerts
Cut internal fraud off quickly. Internal fraud is a serious threat to any business. Our fraud and/or suspicious transaction reports can be sent directly to senior management immediately.

Next Day Funding
Expedite cash flow on all Visa, MasterCard, Discover and American Express. Money can be funded in as little as the next business day.

Easy Reconciliation
One deposit is now available for all Visa, MasterCard, Discover and American Express deposits. To keep things simple, we take our fees out once a month NOT daily.

Disruption Free Conversion
Change is EASY and Painless with Solupay. Why? We plan ahead, test and do not leave until everything works flawlessly.


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