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Increasing donations is Simple with Solupay. Whether your organization is accepting donations via mail, phone or the Internet, Solupay has the solutions you are looking for to simplify the process.  We also can assist in the automation of recurring donations, which immediately eliminates tedious manual processes.

Solupay EPS streamlines the collections of donations.  Solupay EPS reduces paper, eliminates trips to the bank, removes cumbersome terminals and instantly improves cash flow with our unique system.

You benefit with the ability to scan checks in bulk and store check images safely and securely. Donors benefit from Solupay's Customer Payment Portal (CPP) by allowing them to donate online via credit card or ACH.

Customer Payment Portal

Donors can log into a secure portal customized wtih your logo to make online donations. In addition residents will have the ability to schedule donations. This functionality is great for any non profit.

Remote Deposit Capability

Add a check scanner to Solupay EPS, and eliminate time consuming trips to the bank. Our remote deposit capability will allow you to deposit personal checks, corporate checks and money orders to YOUR bank of choice. Once again, all images are stored safely and securely for future use if necessary.

Additional Benefits:

Single Point of Contact
The time has arrived to work with a partner that can SIMPLIFY your payment processing program. Now in one phone call you can get all of your virtual terminal and merchant processing support.

Dedicated Relationship Manager
While PUBLICLY traded banks and processors are reducing staff, Solupay has been adding relationship managers to ensure that every one of our clients has a dedicated individual to handle their UNIQUE processing needs. Your relationship manager will remain a constant and direct contact for you at Solupay, a person highly invested in the success of your business.

Reporting Sent Anywhere You Request
Forget user IDs and passwords. We can email virtually any report you like, in any format you request to you and even your accountants. Find out more about both our Online Reporting and eMail Reports.

Next Day Funding
Expedite cash flow on all Visa, MasterCard, Discover and American Express. Money can be funded in as little as the next business day.

Easy Reconciliation
One deposit is now available for all Visa, MasterCard, Discover and American Express deposits. To keep things simple, we take our fees out once a month NOT daily.

Disruption Free Conversion
Change is EASY and Painless with Solupay. Why? We plan ahead, test and do not leave until everything works flawlessly. In fact, we will provide you with a 3-month trial period enabling you to leave at anytime.

Terminal Support
Solupay Processing Systems supports hundreds of different terminal types, integrated POS systems, as well as mainframe solutions and can easily reprogram your current systems to seamlessly convert you to our systems.  We will work closely with your employees to find the best possible POS system for your company’s growing needs. 


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