PCI Compliance

We take data security to the highest level.

Chargeback Advisor

Step by step guidance designed to increase your odds of winning chargebacks.

Online Reporting

Managing your Solupay Merchant account has never been easier. Take advantage of our free Internet-based reporting tool that provides safe access to your transactions 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, through your personal computer. By enrolling and using this free and robust reporting service, you are able to manage your payments more efficiently. With Solupay, it is easy to reconcile your merchant account, research transactions, check on funding, investigate chargebacks, and much more.

One very important feature of our online reporting tool is that we can email any report in any format (Excel, PDF, Word) to you eliminating the need to login. For instance, Solupay can email you a daily report to let you know which batches have been processed and sent to your bank account.  You can choose from 100's of reports that can be sent to you and/or your accountant automotically saving you time. 
No set-up or monthly fees.

Improve cash management capabilities
24 hour access to your account activity.

Easy to use
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Access Anywhere Anytime
Manage your accounts at a time and place that are convenient for you.

Reduce costs
Eliminate the storage and cost of paper statements with easy access to your statements online and identify sources of transactions with higher processing costs with the interchange rate analysis tool.

Simplify chargeback reconciliation
Online access to information helps you more efficiently manage the chargeback and retrieval requests process.

Perform analysis and generate reports
Access and build reports that suit your needs. You can schedule reports for the locations of your choice, and get them delivered to you by email or fax daily, weekly or monthly without any effort.

Secured access
Manage user access with unique logon identities.




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