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Pinless Debit

Pinless Debit is a fairly new transaction type that can be utilized by merchants for Emerging Markets (Bill Payments, such as tuition, utilities and some membership dues). The card holder must have a STAR, PULSE or NYCE  ATM/Debit card and the bank issuer must permit pinless debit usage. Savings on these transactions over traditional MasterCard or Visa offline debit cards can exceed 30%.

The advantages of Pinless Debit are:

  • Low fraud risk

  • Alternative for ATM cardholders that do not have Visa or MasterCard logos.

  • Reduced cost of processing, as Visa and MasterCard interchange and dues do not apply.

  • Only a Pinless Debit fee from the Debit network and a processing fee would apply..

You must advise your customers that their transaction may be processed as a debit, credit, or an ATM transaction.  


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