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Gateway Services

Solupay focuses on providing solutions that SIMPLIFY our customer’s lives by introducing things that save time and energy. For example, our virtual terminal solution allows our customers the ability to do one time payments or recurring payments via a PCI compliant virtual terminal. All you need is access to the internet to perform transactions in a secure environment and in accordance with the card companies. Best of all, this solution supports mail order transactions as well as card present transactions that can be processed through a card reader. Our virtual terminals also interface with Pin Pads so you can take online debit transactions from your customers. No more complicated and messy software to contend with.

Solupay works with several different gateway and virtual terminal providers.  There are different reasons why we would select a specific gateway or virtual terminal. 

We evaluate your sitation and make a recommendation.  Here are a few of the gateways and virtual terminals we recommend.

Solupay has a quickbooks plug-in that integrates to your quickbooks software.  This solution saves you time and energy by eliminating the need to double enter a payment from your customers.


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