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Gift Card Processing

Plastic Gift Cards have the advantage! 
Paper gift certificates can put you at a disadvantage, because they allow unused portions of the gift certificate value to be redeemed in cash instead of your goods and services.

With plastic, magnetic-striped gift cards, the entire gift amount must be redeemed for your merchandise or services. Unused dollars remain loaded on the card for future redemption.

Electronic Gift Cards are easy to issue, redeem, track and reconcile.  Using our on-line reporting tools you can track all the transaction detail. Gift cards are also "reloadable", meaning you can reuse a card that has been fully redeemed, or add more value to an activated card.

If merchandise purchased is returned, you can credit the dollars for the returned item onto a gift card, rather than refunding cash. That means the gift cardholder is obligated to use the refunded balance to make another purchase at your establishment.

Gift cards are a wallet billboard
Advertising your brand.  Solupay offers several pricing options for you customized gift card program:

We have template programs that are a very inexpensive way to ease into a gift card program.  We also offer a full customized program where you design your own card and make it a marketing piece for your organization.

Solupay can offer point of sale material to get your gift cards into the hands of consumers.

Gift and Loyalty Go Mobile
Integrate Mobile Rewards with your existing card or card-less gift and loyalty program. ‘Set and Forget’ messages are sent automatically to customers based on their visits, and spending habits. Use your credit card terminal or POS to track redemption. Mobile Rewards is easy for customers too. Just swipe Rewards cards or enter phone numbers at your terminal. You’re business will reap the rewards.


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