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Loyalty Card Integration

Building and maintaining a successful business requires a deep understanding of customers and how they behave. Yet, merchants often struggle with gathering and using the inputs that can truly impact their marketing efforts. Tracking purchasing behavior and spending habits, understanding who the customer is and how to use customer data to build strong, valuable relationships can make the difference in effective investment strategies and healthy ROI.

Maximizing the return on acquiring a new customer depends on repeat business and customer retention. It also demands customer interaction that is well targeted and that leverages smart segmentation insights. 

Functioning in real-time, our Merchant Solution point-of-sale (POS) and reward platform captures customers' purchasing behavior at the POS. This data helps you create customized loyalty campaigns that identify customer purchase patterns which enable you to offer appropriate, effective promotions and rewards. These targeted campaigns and promotions help build brand loyalty and promote customer retention as well as increase customer frequency and spend. Customer specific communications and promotions can result in more valuable customer relationships.

How It Works
Solupay enables you to create targeted campaigns using the First Data Loyalty Platform and communicate to your customer via promotional materials, your website, in-store collateral, and most of all Mobile text marketing.

  • Customers sign-up for your loyalty program by text or online.

  • The loyalty transaction and purchase data is captured at the POS and stored in the loyalty database.

  • You then evaluate all of the customer data to better define customers' behavior and identify specific customer trends in order to create customer profiles.

  • This enables you to evaluate current campaigns in order to make quick decisions to make current and future campaigns more relevant to your customers.

Prepaid Rewards
Solupay’s Prepaid Rewards enables merchants to provide the right incentive to encourage customers to register, reload and reuse their prepaid card as a recurring payment device.

Loyalty Solutions
Identify customer purchase patterns and create relevant and effective promotions and rewards through customized loyalty campaigns.

Help Your Business

  • Influence desired customer behavior

  • Create customer brand loyalty

  • Reward most profitable customers

  • Build valuable customer relationships

  • Increase opportunity for more revenue

Help Your Customers

  • Get a personalized brand experience

  • Gain status as a valued customer

  • Receive effective and relevant offers and rewards, and ongoing program communication

  • Enjoy immediate reward gratification

Gift and Loyalty Go Mobile
Integrate Mobile Rewards with your existing card or card-less gift and loyalty program. ‘Set and Forget’ messages are sent automatically to customers based on their visits, and spending habits. Use your credit card terminal or POS to track redemption. Mobile Rewards is easy for customers too. Just swipe Rewards cards or enter phone numbers at your terminal. You’re business will reap the rewards


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