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Payroll Cards

Now more than ever, it is time for employers to streamline pay distribution to save both company and employees hard earned dollars.
Employers are rapidly recognizing the need and growing benefits that come from payroll cards - convenience, security, cost savings, and happier employees. With the rising cost of other benefits, payroll cards are a great tool for adding value to your employees while positively affecting your bottom line. These same benefits also apply to employees who dislike the fees associated with check cashing services, don't have time to go to the bank, or the security risks of carrying cash.

Money NetworkTMhas been offering merchants the ability to load pre-paid cards for use as a payroll product for over 10 years. The Money Network pay-card allows a merchant (employer) that already has direct deposit set up in their business the ability to go 100% electronic.

The payroll card allows employers to potentially eliminate the issuing of paper checks to employees who otherwise may not be able to have a traditional banking relationship. This will also reduce internal payroll and administrative costs for the employer.

Why 100% Electronic Payroll?

Your employees will appreciate it

  • Immediate access to full wages on payday

  • Cash back at millions of participating ATM and retail locations

  • Complete bill pay with Money Network™ Card and Money Network Check

  • Money transfer from their card via OrlandiValutato Latin America and Mexico

  • No-fee check cashing at participating locations

  • Easy access to funds and balance information

  • 24/7 Bi-lingual (Spanish) customer support

  • No need to carry cash on payday

  • Largest Surcharge Free ATM Network

  • Ability to upgrade to a personalized Visa®debit card


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