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We take data security to the highest level.

Chargeback Advisor

Step by step guidance designed to increase your odds of winning chargebacks.


Solupay can customize a referral or reseller program that fits your needs.  When you develop a relationship with Solup ay you are entering a true partnership.  There are many forms of revenue generating programs with Solupay. 

Independent Sales Agents
Solupay knows what it takes to keep you one step ahead of the competition. With our in-depth industry knowledge and innovative transaction processing solutions, Solupay has what it takes to help your business grow.

Web Developers
Take advantage of new business opportunities, accelerated sales, streamlined reporting and payment management tools, enhanced merchant loyalty and a recurring revenue stream

Software Developers/ Dealers
We have the technical tools and resources available to work with the most complex POS, accounting and ERP systems. This enhanced support reduces the time and energy needed to install, service and support integrated payments with your clients. Contact Solupay to learn more about our various revenue generating programs.

Agent Bank
Solupay helps give a competitive edge to financial institutions. We harness relationships to help you meet continued demands for new customers, new deposits and new sources of revenue. We know how important attracting profitable customers and maintaining long-term relationships are to your financial institution. That's why we offer a Referral Bank Partnership Program to help you cross sell services to embed your banking services into every aspect of your customers business. We simplify the delivery of merchant services for Financial Institutions throughout the United States. Solupay’s agent bank program is highly flexible and can be customized to your financial institution’s unique structure.


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