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Tokenization is the process of replacing sensitive data with unique identifiers that retain all the important information without compromising security. Sensitive cardholder data is stored securely in our PCI Level 1 facilities, and tokens are created to replace cardholder data used for future payments. A business that outsources their data via our tokenization program is able to complete a shortened version of the annual PCI DSS assessment, making compliance easier to manage. Further, tokenization vastly reduces a merchant's risk if a data violation occurs. If a merchant's system is breached, the criminals would get the token numbers, which are essentially worthless.

Here are 3 key benefits for merchants using tokenization:

1. Removes All Sensitive Cardholder Data from Your Systems and Applications
The only thing stored on your system is a string of numbers that is useless to an attacker.
2. PCI Scope Reduction
Reducing PCI scope by using token data instead of real cardholder data (including even encrypted card data) eliminates a massive threat. Not only do you reduce the risk of a massive breach to your systems, you benefit from moving up in the world in the eyes of the PCI Security Standards Council. This could translate into avoiding the required need for PCI scans, penetration testing and or other requirements when you store real cardholder data on your systems and applications.
3. Significant savings of time and money
The reduction of PCI DSS scope can save merchants significant time and money. Noncompliance can be costly, and can include fines of thousands of dollars and a per-card fee for each card that has to be canceled.


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